Cleveland Area Diving


Exploration divers . . . 
This is for those divers who would like to try the diving team out for a short period of time to help decide if this is what you are interested in. Come to 3 practices for $50 before signing up to be a part of the team. Any level of diving. Contact Head Coach, Rich Karban to begin the exploration process.

*Joining AAU to be covered by insurance is Required.

For the very new and entry level divers . . .
there is the Learn to Dive group (C-Team).  

This is the time where new divers learn the basic fundamental skills of competitive diving. I may suggest just attending practices, or possibly diving in an ODL meet to try out some of your new skills in front of a panel of judges and an audience. 

*Joining AAU to be covered by insurance is Required.

It is suggested to attend practice 2-4 times per week, with added private lessons if applicable.​