Start-Up Instructions: 

1: Contact Head Coach, Rich Karban at 440-785-7320 or email him at

2: Check the website for the tentative schedule under Fees. 

3: Go to the forms link below and follow the instructions. 

 *** We offer a free visit to observe a practice. if you are interested in joining up with us. Just call to verify a good day to come in. You will get a tour of our facilities and observe one of our practices. You will get a chance to talk to the coach after the practice and see what path might be right for you. If you would like to participate in a practice this may be a good opportunity to "Give it a Try" as an Exploration Diver.

If you decide that you would like to join CAD then proceed with the following steps. 

 5: Notify Rich to have the sign-up link shared with you.

 6: Once you get the email that allows you to share the workout sign-up document, go
     to the Google Document and sign up for the days you would like attend that week.

 7: Check the Fees section above to determine the correct amount of fees for the start
     of the session. 

 8: Bring all paperwork and payment for the first month's fees + the $300 maintenance, 
     equipment, & travel fee with you to the first workout.


 1: Click on these forms 

CAD Emergency Form
CSU Waiver Form 
CAD Website Permission Form 
CAD Waiver Form

CAD Policy Form

2: Print them 

3: Fill them out 

4: Bring them with you the first day of practice 



Please follow the directions below to begin signing your diver up for workouts. 

We will be using Google Spreadsheets to better manage our workouts. This site will be used to display the schedule directory, and allow online practice sign-up. 

In order to sign up for workouts, you need to be a member on the team. At that time you will receive an email from Betsy, Rich's wife, letting you know that she has shared a Google Doc (Sheets) with you once you have joined the team.

The best way to view the document is by using the Chrome browser, but other browsers will work, just not as well.

Once you open the document that has been shared with you, just enter your diver's name in the slots when he or she will be coming to practice.

MOBILE/IPAD Directions: You will need to download the Google Drive App, Chrome App, and the Google Sheets App on your phone/IPad to properly view and edit the document.

You may have to register with Google (it is free) for a gmail account to view and edit the document. 

Cleveland Area Diving